Stuck with "Manual Security Refresh"

Stuck with "Manual Security Refresh"

The dropdown for "Continue session" or "Start new session" does not seem to work. Clear your cookies if are able to use DFRNT in a different browser.

Rarely, cookie values become invalid. Normally you get a popup to help you refresh your browser session to get on with your work, and you either get a new session started, or refresh the full browser window. If you are stuck, you might need to remove the cookies manually unfortunately.

If you don't manage to resolve your issue, send a support request to

This works in similar ways across browsers, do clean them for and for This is a known issue, and we are working on a fix.

How to clean cookies for in Microsoft Edge:

  1. Go to Edge/Chrome/Safari settings (the exact location is in different places across browsers)
  2. Cookies and Site Permissions
  3. Manage and delete cookies and site data
  4. See all cookies and site data
  5. Search for ""
  6. Delete for all (should have and in there)
  7. Login to again and you should be able to login.

If you have a popup blocker, you might want to disable it, or keep an eye out for it as DFRNT might want to open an extra window to refresh your session information. The reason is to prevent any work getting lost during cookie and identity refreshes.

This is rare, please notify us if you get stuck so we can take a look at it and if needed put in place a better solution!

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