The DFRNT Data Product Builder

The DFRNT Data Product Builder

DFRNT is a data product builder with knowledge graph visualisation, modelling and management, with version control, API access and a datalog engine.

With DFRNT data products, digital architects, cybersecurity professionals, data practitioners and changemakers build, visualize and collaborate on semantic knowledge graphs to visualise connected data, maintain knowledge and get enabled to leverage accurate knowledge as data.

Several key features are implemented with more to come:

  • Visualisation of documents and document dependencies as a graph
  • Semantic data modelling with multiple inheritance of types
  • Version control (in beta)

To dive deep in to TerminusDB, consider using their documentation, it is highly recommended: Most questions on how to model documents in is likely answered there.

The current implementation is the data modelling backend for the upcoming change-maker tools.

Visualisation of documents and document dependencies

Records and their interdependencies through records linking are visualised using the canvas section in DFRNT. By searching for, or browsing the data model, you add records to the canvas you can save to help show interdependencies between documents in your graph.

Any connections between them are visualised using directional links primarily through an acyclic directed graph, but where loops are supported to some extent, together with automatic layouting, and can be exported to PNG for reuse in other softwares.

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